Horse Lessons

Horseback Riding Lessons

Beginners: At Painted Dreams Farm of Bucks County, PA., our horse riding lessons include horsemanship skills as well as mounted exercises. Riding lessons typically include learning how to approach, lead and handle your pony or horse. You or your child will learn how to properly groom your horse and clean and care for his or her hooves. You will learn about the saddle and bridle you are using, how to properly tack up, and how to care for your tack. Students are taught to understand how horses think, so they can better understand how to communicate with them.

Horse Jumper Advanced Riders: We have several trainers in different disciplines of riding, including Dressage and Jumpers.

Our lessons focus on Centered seat riding, including Dressage, Dressage Theory, Introduction to Dressage Concepts, and Dressage Equitation. FEI trainers available for upper level riders.

Our Dressage trainers are all USDF Bronze, Silver, or Gold medalists, Certified USDF trainers, or USDF “L” Judges. Our trainers are nationally certified by the American Riding Instructors’ Association. ARIA certified Instructors are part of a select, highly trained, highly skilled nationally recognized group of professionals. These individuals go through rigorous and challenging testing in their disciplines of expertise. Training with a ARIA certified instructor assures you that your teacher is held to a high level of horsemanship, training, and instructional skills with commitment to safety, integrity, and professionalism. Our staff of horse lesson mounts includes 14 ponies and 14 horses. Our horse lesson ponies and horses go through a month long trial period before being accepted as one of Painted Dreams Finest!!  The ponies and horses are carefully chosen for their gentleness, willingness, tolerance, and talent.

Horse Riding

Our horse riding lessons are either private, semi-private, or group. We teach students from ages 3-70—beginner lessons through advanced. Programs include Home School Activities, Introduction to English Riding, Riding for Adult Beginners, Seniors, Equitation, Jumping and Dressage. In the interest of safety, absolute beginners and very young children are recommended to take a few private lessons prior to entering a group setting.  Once students are able to sit correctly, stop and steer their mounts, they may join a group lesson if desired.  Horse riding lessons are taught from 9am-8pm seven days per week.

Our regular horseback riding lesson prices are as follows:

$70/45min - Dressage Lessons
$75/hr - Private Riding Lesson
$65/hr - Semi-Private Lesson
$55/hr - Group Lesson
$55 per 1/2hr - Private Lesson
Cross Country Schooling - (Price varies based on location)

Horse Riding Lessons Gift Certificates Available!

Horse Riding